Yes, I have an allotment! It’s news that you could not have possibly escaped if you follow me on social channels or are within 6 feet of me!

Being in nature and placing seeds in soil, nurturing them and know that will one day they’ll turn into food for my family is just an incredible feeling.

I had been on the waiting list at a private allotment site for just over a year and in January got the amazing news that I’d reached the top of the list!

Since then, our weekends have mainly been spent clearing the jungle! While not as bad as I’ve seen some abandoned sites, it did need an overhaul.

With lots of help from my parents and sister (including flipping my shed that rolled three times in the storm), we finally got to a point where we could start planning the layout, marking out beds and even planting!

So what did we get up to in March…

Down at the allotment:

  • Carrots – two varieties including Rainbow Mix F1. Sowed a month apart for succession growing
  • First earlies went in. I can’t remember the variety – I must get better at recording what varieties I’m growing! These have gone in the ground but I’ve only ever grown them in sacks before so I’m planning to put the main crop seed potatoes in tubs to see what works best
  • Parsnips

On the windowsill at home:

  • Sweet peas – now hardening off
  • Marigolds – for companion planting
  • Nasturtiums – for companion planting but I’ll also try these in a salad
  • Cucumber – I clearly started them too early as our late frost killed them off.
  • Sunflowers
  • Leeks
  • Tomatoes – I started these late and they’re taking a long time to get going!

Do you have an allotment or growing space at home?

You can follow my progress of my allotment and gardening at home on my social channels @_andsothestorygoes_