So you know that your business’ communications needs an overhaul, you’re investing in me to grab the reigns and lead the project forward and you might just find yourself being pushed out of your comfort zone a little – in a positive way of course. Read on to find out what you can expect.


  • I might ask you questions that challenge you or that you don’t know the answer to.

This isn’t me being mean, I promise! When we start talking about approaching media, I’ll ask you questions that a journalist would likely to ask. If you claim to have strong environmental credentials, I will ask you to take me through them. I need to make sure our communications strategy will stand up to media questioning and it’s best to get any kinks straightened out before we start building relationships with


  • I might suggest approaching magazines you’ve never heard of before as part of our communications plan.

    You’ll need to just trust me on this!


  • I might ask you to tweak your website content or structure

it’s really important that your website reflects the values we’re talking about in your communications and PR. Every single element and platform of your communications should be aligned and support each other.

We’re building a network of strong communications not isolated pieces of media coverage. Your website is your shop front and people should easily be able to find out what your business stands for.


  • I might suggest changes to your blog or newsletter 

    Not only do we need to make sure your blog posts support your website’s SEO but it’s full of useful content that can be reused for media pitches and PR contributions. If you don’t have a blog or a newsletter and I think your comms plan would benefit from having one, I can help with this.


  • Trust!

    By investing in me, I’ll be asking you to trust my judgement and knowledge. This might be new ground for you, but I’ve been doing this for 14 years and I’ve got a established reputation for producing results so you’re going to have to trust me!


Get in touch if you want to chat through stepping up your communications strategy for your business.