Promoting our businesses is a non-negotiable. We need to do it otherwise how on earth do people find us. Marketing, right? Something we all do without even realising it half of the time.


You’ll have likely heard of PR and associate it with getting media coverage – a newspaper article, a press release sent out to newsdesks on magazines that you hope your target audience are reading. Once you’ve got your mention in the paper about a subject close to the heart of your business, don’t leave it stranded on its own fighting for awareness – give it some support.


Scaffold your business with a network of strong communications

It isn’t enough to wave a small piece of newspaper coverage around like a flag and hope that new customers will see it, be called in to your services and offerings and want to work with you.


Let me encourage you to think about your PR as part of your wider communications. The field of PR is ever-widening with new channels becoming established every few months it seems. To maximise the success of your PR, you need to scaffold it (Yes, I’m using it as a verb!) of strong messaging.


So when business owners approach me for support with their PR, I ask them to consider their communications as a network around their business. The messaging needs to be supported across every channel otherwise it is at risk of falling flat.


Each channel of communications will be included in this network – your newsletter, social channels, website etc.


Bringing in a communications plan to maximise your PR success

So you’ve got all the possible communication channels laid out in front of you, now what?


Well this is where I come in, I make sense of it all and order it nicely into a actionable plan and then deliver it.


I wrote another blog post about how some might feel pushed out of their comfort zone working with me – have a read to get an idea of how transformative it can be working with me.