Imagine this… your name as a byline in a magazine or a mention in a ‘Top 5…’ feature. It will not only be an incredible thing for your reputation, but it will put your name in front of hundreds if not thousands of potential new customers and huge recognition for your expertise.

Simply firing off random emails to a magazine or a newspaper for these opportunities isn’t a terribly thought-out approach and won’t necessarily work.

Here’s some tips on how you can ‘warm up’ you pitch to journalists to increase your chances of success.

Three things you should do before you hit send on that email.

  1. Read at the most recent copy of the magazine you’re pitching to. You need to make sure what you’re putting forward for hasn’t already featured recently. Have a look at their website or social media pages if buying a copy isn’t possible. This will also help you to be sure that the magazine is relevant for you.
  2. Decide exactly what you’re pitching for! Think beyond a straightforward article. Could it be a ‘Top 10’ or a ‘Mistakes to avoid when…’ style article? Have a look in the magazine to see if there is a theme to its style of content.
  3. Research the journalist you’re emailing. Have a look on their social media pages, make sure their values seem to align with yours. There’s little point in pitching your award-winning sausages to a passionate and outspoken vegan journalist unless you’ve got a quirky angle to go with!

By doing these things, it’ll give you more confidence with your email. It will show the journalist you’re reaching out to that you’ve done your research and you’ll have a greater chance for buy in.

Good luck!