Grabbing the attention of the news desk is no easy feat. Some titles will see hundreds of press releases land in their inbox each day.

In order to make sure yours is one that gets read and included, here are 7 things to include that will improve your chances of getting your news featured.


  1. An attention-grabbing headline – try and keep it to one line. Play with alliteration to make it fu
  2. A quote – always include a quote. This should be from you and try and avoid the cliché “We’re delighted to announce…”
  3. A photograph – avoid showing backs of heads and provide the photo caption naming anyone in the photo. Don’t forget to get permission from those included!
  4. A covering note – when you send the press release, personalise it to the person you’re sending it to.
  5. Include a boilerplate – this is a company profile/bio at the bottom after the press release content that tells the journalist more about your company
  6. Who, What, When, Where, Why – have you addressed all these points?
  7. Short and concise information – your press release should be no longer than one page and get to the point quickly!