The real results for PR will come over time. In an ideal world you would dedicate an hour a week to your own PR and forming good PR habits will help keep you on track.

If you can set aside some time each week – however much you can manage – you’ll be making good progress. Little and often is better than nothing at all!

So what can you do with this hour each week to start forming good PR habits?

  • Target titles
    • Work out what your target audience is reading, watching, and listening to. Follow these platforms across your social channels and interact with their posts
  • Read!
    • Make sure you’re reading the newspapers or magazines you want to appear in. Really get to know their content and any regular features they have. Your pitches have a better chance of landing if you know your target titles
  • Update your media list
    • Regularly check for new magazines or podcasts that may be relevant. Consider the smaller readerships, don’t just target the big titles. You never know where your dream customer is browsing
  • Google alerts
    • Set up a Google alert for your company name so if you get a mention online you won’t miss it
  • Research national awareness days
    • Some might be a good hook for you to plan some PR around.


Try at least one of these and you’ll be on track to forming some good habits in no time.